Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the Fitness Fraternity?

Signing up for Fitness Fraternity is so easy, all you need is a Paypal account. Go to the Sign Up page here, and underneath the login form, there are 3 options to sign up. Click on the Paypal button for the membership level you wish to sign up for, and Paypal will help you set up your direct debit. Once this is completed, Paypal will re-direct you back to the site, where you will enter your personal details. Once completed, you will be directed to our simple questionnaire which you will need to fill out so that we can put together your personalised fitness plan. An email confirmation of your account will contain a link to this questionnaire if you want to come back this later. If you cannot find the email, click here to access the questionnaire.

What is the difference between the membership levels?

There are 2 stages to choose from to fit your ability:

Stage 1 is for those of you starting out on your fitness journey and need a helping hand to get started. You will get access to:

  • Your very own online Fitness Coach
  • Basic programmes, nutrition and lifestyle guidance. Discover a variety of training methods to get you started and keep things interesting
  • Access to the members area where there is exclusive content covering all aspects of health and fitness to continually guide you throughout your journey
  • Nutritional guidance covering aspects from basic nutrition, healthy eating tactics, understanding food labels and portion control to nutritional plans, calories, macro-nutrients and eating to change your body composition
  • Join the club and be part of the TW Fitness Fraternity Facebook page with other likeminded people on the same journey
  • Get more for your money with regular content updates and additions
  • All the tools you will need to lose weight, feel great and reach your goals

Stage 2 is for those of you who already have a level of fitness, but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn more about fitness and nutrition. You will have access to everything listed in Stage 1, but with tailored plans specifically for your requirements, and further guidance regarding nutrition and lifestyle for advanced fitness.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancelling is very simple, just go to our Cancellations page here, and fill out the online form. We will take it from there and cancel your membership for you and stop your direct debit. If you login to your account after cancelling, you will see your details, but the membership information will be crossed out. You will no longer have access to your fitness resources. Please note: The minimum signup duration is 6 months. You cannot cancel your membership within that time. See full terms and conditions here.

I cancelled my membership, but want to sign up again, how do I do this?

Your account has been deleted from our system, so please sign up to the site again as if you were a new member. See “How do I sign up for TW Fitness Membership?”

How do I upgrade/downgrade my membership level?

There are just 2 simple steps change your membership levels:

1) Go to the Sign Up page here and select the membership level you wish to change to. Go through the Paypal wizard to set up your new direct debit amount. Once you are directed back to the TW Fitness website, select “I have an existing account” and enter your username and password. The new membership level will be added to your account.

2) Once this is completed, go to your Paypal account and make sure you cancel the old direct debit from your previous membership level. Failure to do so will result in your being charge for 2 memberships. To do this, go to your Paypal account and select a payment which has gone to TW Fitness in past (of the old amount). On the payment details, there will be a link which says “Manage TW Fitness payments”. Click on that, and cancel the direct debit by selecting “cancel”.

Please allow a few working days for new content to be added to your Fitness Fraternity page.