About TW Fitness

Why choose TW Fitness?

I’m not about super low calorie diets, fad diets or fad training methods. I take a very realistic approach to health and fitness and aim to make it apart of your everyday lifestyle. The Fitness Fraternity training platform I have created will guide you every step of the way from beginner right the way through to advanced, covering health, fitness and nutrition.

I’m here to help and educate you in the field of health and fitness giving you the information that you need to make realistic and gradual progressions in developing a better lifestyle and body. There is no real time limit on creating a better mind and body, it is a continuous effort with many challenges along the way and having a great network of support from others on the same journey will keep you motivated and give you the guidance you need to keep making progress. This is what the Fitness Fraternity is all about.

This is not a 90 day challenge or a 4 week blast. I want to change your life, replace bad habits with good, educate you on exercise and nutrition and give you the tools and guidance to keep you on track with your progress and give you information and knowledge to allow you to continue making better decisions to get you closer to your goals. This is an all-round lifestyle plan.

It’s unrealistic to expect you to stop doing the things that you enjoy but like most things in life, we need balance and this is what will make you achieve long term success. So let’s take things one step at a time and build a better body, mind and lifestyle together.

Once you join the Fitness Fraternity, you won’t look back!

Why listen to me?  

I aim to provide my clients with quality information to ensure that they get a great service and great results, and so I am always working on my own personal development and furthering my own knowledge and experience to achieve this. Below are my qualifications to date:

Award in circuit instructing and group indoor cycling

Level 3 certificate in personal training

Level 3 award in instructing outdoor fitness

Level 3 diploma in exercise referral

Level 3 award in sports conditioning

Level 3 award in Sports Nutrition